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Viral media campaigns


Viral media campaigns

Development of the individual strategy by using established relationships with journalists, contributors, publications and their editors, press release distribution sites, and international journalism inquiry services to make the pitching as successful as possible.

As a result, all articles are published organically, and virally distributed even after the completion of PR campaigns.

News production


News production

Transform facts about your company into relevant and important industry news.

Creation of informational occasions that attract the attention of the media and the target reader.




Selection of a team to evaluate the project and outline an optimal product development strategy.

Select the right vector for the further development of the project and communication based on expert opinions from lawyers, market makers, marketers, PR specialists and opinion leaders in the blockchain technology industry.

Anticrisis сommunications


Anticrisis сommunications

Countering information attacks, combatting malevolent competitors, 24/7 mass media and social media monitoring, close cooperation with lawyers, elimination of fake news, release of investigations for the media.

Media buying


Media buying

News publishing services in mass media and press release distribution.

Transparent statistics and reports.

Take advantage of advertising quotas provided by top publications and websites.

Your material will be guaranteed a spot for publication in the selected media.

Promotion by opinion leaders


Promotion by opinion leaders

Assistance in selecting and coordinating work with influencers that match your focus and brand values.

Database of 1,000+ YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram influencers.

About Us

We provide one-stop services in PR

A quality PR campaign can help you build a strong brand, maintain a good reputation, increase brand awareness by publishing materials in top trusted media outlets, cooperate with influencers and help your project earn the loyalty of your target audience. The main KPI we use to guarantee and evaluate the success of PR campaigns are media outreach, media presence, and geographic coverage.

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Preparation for go to market

Preparation of projects at an early stage of development before the release of the MVP or the finished product. At the project launch stage, the task is to create an information background, form a stable positive business image, fill the media space, determine the channels and program for the future information and communication support of the project at all stages, conduct a comprehensive audit before the launch of public activities, and prepare the team for communication with the press and public performances.

Start stimulating the interest of the target audience, launch personal news channels and establish first contacts with journalists.

Before listing on the exchange

A set of PR activities aimed at pre-sales preparation. This is the riskiest stage from the position of investors, therefore, the main goal of the PR campaign during this period is to present benefits and guarantees, justify the clarity and expertise of the team, and most importantly, to eliminate or prevent the presence of hints at a fictitious project.

At this stage, considerable cooperation is required exclusively with reputable journalists and opinion leaders, with intense dissemination of information about the project without signs of advertising integration, information stuffing focused on mass reprint and viral distribution, as well as the conduct of public events.

After listing on the exchange

Communications after listing should conducted only in conjunction with a team of market makers, financial advisors and be strictly regulated. All PR activities are built around the financial calendar and special attention is paid to monitoring the news background around the project.

A strategy should be prepared in advance in case of crisis situations. The media are used as an effective channel to maintain communication with the audience.

The work is carried out with a constant pool of journalists and bloggers, the release of any third-party materials and comments about the project is strictly controlled.

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  • I worked with several agencies before, but I always missed the attitude that Alena represents. She always offers the best and most efficient solution. With her, there is no such thing as an assignment being unsuccessful. She fully fulfills what we agree on, with maximum professionalism.

    Norbert Goffa
    Co-founder&Executive manager IlCoin Blockchain Project
  • This team is hardworking and focusing on results. I’ve really enjoyed our cooperation as for me speed and efficiency are important KPIs. 

    I do recommend working with them.

    JR Forsyth
    Founder ONFO
  • Reliability, speed and honesty – these are the qualities that bribed us in working with the PR Blockchain agency. We are satisfied with the result of our joint work and  recommend this agency.

    Founders Guy Yanpolskiy&Valery Yanpolskaya
  • Absolutely satisfied by our cooperation with the PR Blockchain agency.  Reliable partners with 24/7 support and creative team of professionals.

    Petr Orlov
    Head of sales
  • In a market that  is full of services and companies I was lucky to work with Alyona and her team. Young and ambitious professionals which will help you to develop and implement the  full strategy for your project and will give you a high level of support during the all period of cooperation.

    Giovanni Buonocore
    Founder TodoPharma
  • It is hard to put into words the impact, PR Blockchain agency’s services lead by Alyona, had on some of the business i am involved in the past 4 years. 

    Alyona and her creative team defined and executed a PR strategy that impacted branding image and public perception. Their tailored end-to-end PR services and campaigns are key to the number of inbound leads we receive quarterly.

    Wilson Caposso
    Inside sales manager Lenovo&Sales manager BTP SAP